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President William McKinley High School
2002 FIRST Robotics Team
Honolulu, Hawaii


Webcast Information


Southern California Regional Webcast



Team Information

Team Name: Kika Mana
Team No.: 368
School Name: President William McKinley High School
Address: 1039 South King Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
Team motto: Strive For Excellence
No. of years involved with FIRST: 3
No. of student members: 13
No. of mentors and advisors: 8



3/18/02 - Information added on Nai'a III with its own page.

3/4/02 - Added one more video of the robot in action.

2/19/02 - A few more videos have been added and other minor things.

2/14/02 - The site has undergone cosmetic changes.

2/5/02 - Added pictures under the construction page and three more videos on video clips page.

2/3/02 - Added two videos on the bloopers page.

1/23/02 - Added photos and captions.

1/18/02 - Added sponsors and photos added.

1/15/02 - Updated various pages.

1/10/02 - Photos have been added. The webpage has been updated for the Photo Album, Team Logo, and Start page.

12/8/01 - Various pages of this site have been changed.

9/17/01 - The publications page has been renamed to media coverage and the robot construction page of the photo album is now completed.

8/31/01 - New pictures from the 2000 - 2001 season have been added to the Photo Album.

8/25/01 - The Photo Album now includes pictures from last year's competition.

8/23/01 - Events for the months of August and September have been added to the calendar page.

8/17/01 - The information page has been updated.

8/16/01 - The Official McKinley Robotics Site is up!